How to Write a Great Descriptive Essay

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If you want to write an awesome descriptive essay, the worst thing you could do is get straight to the writing process. This is not an easy assignment to undertake; you need to go through a lot of planning and research before you can settle for a topic and tackle it from a unique perspective.
These tips and steps will help you make the process of essay writing easier and more effective:

1. Choose the right topic

Your teachers try to convince you that any topic can be a basis for an awesome paper, but the truth is that not all issues have intriguing qualities to explore and talk about. If you have an opportunity to pick your own topic, then this is the part that will determine the success of the entire project.
For a descriptive essay, focus on a topic that enables you to convey a complete experience for the reader, who is supposed to imagine, hear, see and feel through the content.

2. Draft it!

Any type of academic paper requires drafting, but this part is especially important for descriptive essay. If you don’t make a plan, the description will go out of focus. Make a list of all attributes associated to the subject and make sure to provide a detailed, but relevant description that will bring the topic closer to the reader.
Start with the general characteristics and work your way into the specifics as you progress with the paragraphs. Think of three relevant arguments that will become the foundation of your five-paragraph essay.

3. Think of a thesis statement!

It may take a few attempts before you come up with a constructive thesis statement, so don’t give up until you get it perfect. Since this is a descriptive essay, it may be difficult for you to sum an overall impression into a single sentence. Thinking of topic sentences for each paragraph and combining them into an essential thesis statement will make the process easier.

4. Write the paper!

Now that you are prepared, you can start crafting the descriptive essay. You already have a nice foundation, so it won’t be difficult for you to provide the reader with general and specific information about the topic you elaborate.
Remember: start with a broad view and don’t overwhelm the reader with unfamiliar details right from the start. The conclusion should tie all arguments together and verify the thesis.

5. Make it perfect

Now that you have most of the work done, it’s time to edit and proofread the paper. Pay attention to every single detail and read the content several times before you submit it.
If you didn’t manage to write an outstanding descriptive essay no matter how hard you tried, you can always rely on an essay writing service to provide you with great academic content by the deadline.


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