How to Write a Perfect SAT Essay in No Time

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It’s easy to get intimidated when you start thinking “I have only 25 minutes to write my essay for the SAT”. This is the time you usually spend in thinking before you start working on an essay. When taking the SAT, you have to forget about all preparation methods and start writing without losing a single minute of your time.

The most usual aspect that prevents many students to achieve high scores on the SATs is the time limit. However, there are still essay writers who succeed writing great content within the given amount of time. They have practiced a lot and made sure to implement a proven test-taking strategy that works. With the help of the following tips, you can do the same.

1. Don’t be frightened by the concept of an SAT essay; it will be much easier to write when compared to the papers you usually produce for school. This will be a simple question that you’ll answer without the need to conduct an in-depth research. That being considered, the limited timeframe of 25 minutes isn’t short at all. You can check out great sample SAT essays online and see what you are expected to write. As soon as you realize that, the stress levels will drop.

2. When you realize what type of essay you are expected to produce, you will need to prepare yourself for the challenge. Practice is the only way to do that! Think of different essay prompts, read the classic books you have been elaborating in class and make sure to pay attention to the settings, author biographies, and the most notable characters in the stories. History class is especially important if you want to achieve excellent results with the SAT essay.

3. If an idea comes to your mind, you should start writing without having doubts. Students’ biggest enemy during the SATs is hesitation, since it makes them lose valuable time. Remember that you are supposed to write a short, simple essay. You won’t produce good results if you waste time trying to think for something extraordinary to write. Make sure to support the thesis and write a grammatically correct piece; that’s all!

4. Practice your writing speed before you take the SAT. Take a prompt, write an essay in 25 minutes and repeat the routine every day. At this point, you can also use essay writing services in order to get samples of perfect academic content. That’s the best way to become confident in your skills and prove to yourself that you can write a great essay in such short time.

There is no reason to be scared of the time limit. Although 25 minutes sound scary, they will still give you enough space to produce a great SAT essay if you’re prepared to tackle the challenge.


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