The Favorite Writing Tools of Famous Writers

Who is your favorite author? Do you like the classic works of Mark Twain or Stephen King’s suspense fiction? Wouldn’t it be cool to know how your favorite books were written? Of course Mark Twain didn’t use a computer, but we would all expect for contemporary writers to rely on powerful gadgets, apps, and tools that enhance their creativity. Apparently, we were all wrong.

Technology tools and devices are awesome when you get used to them, but their usage does come with side-effects. Most of our favorite authors don’t like working on a computer because it limits their creative thought, as contradictory as that might seem to the appreciators of Internet.

In this infographic, you can see how some of the most famous pieces of literature have been created. You will also find a proof of what we already knew: creativity is rarely dependent upon the tools we use.

Infographic Source: NinjaEssays

Top Writing Tools of Famous Authors


One thought on “The Favorite Writing Tools of Famous Writers

  1. I guess the limitation of creativity comes from the distraction of the internet. I wish I could write on a typewriter, but I only have a computer and I make sure not to surf the internet while writing.

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